Transformational Rhythms

The Transformational Rhythms journey began almost 25 years ago when the founders of RemoteLink dreamed about changing themselves and the world through their new business.

As our business grew, and we planted a new social enterprise in the Philippines, felt a little restless, thinking that they should not only be doing more, but being more.

We enlisted an internationally recognized consultant, with a significant history of empowering leaders for strategic impact to act as an executive coach. Over the course of the next several years, they all became friends, became partners and eventually formed a new entity, called Unleash the Masterpiece in 2017.

The Transformational Rhythms program was born out of this new partnership, built upon the life’s work of the consultant: principles based self-leadership and personal influence, as well as the 20 plus years of experience of the leadership team at RemoteLink.

We learned, through research, and practical experience, that Organizations and Institutions could only transform their external world, to the extent that they transformed their inner world. This learning developed into our concept of Organizational Integrity.

We also learned through research and practical experience that Organizational Integrity has to be built upon and maintained through the development of three primary layers of foundational skills. Those three foundational skill layers, stating from highest to lowest, are Team Building, Personal Influence and Self Leadership.

If you can develop Organizational Integrity and reproduce that development in other Organizations and Institutions, you will create a Sustainable Movement of transformation in your community and beyond. This is the end goal, and highest level of the Transformational Rhythms Program.

UTM Leadership Team

Dr. Ron Jenson is an internationally known author, speaker, and executive coach. Dr. Jenson spent eight years as President of a group of international graduate schools and is currently a founding partner of Unleash the Masterpiece, focusing on empowering leaders for strategic impact worldwide. Ron’s doctoral work was in the area of leadership development and included intensive research on the major written works in the field as well as personal interviews with 350 of the top leaders in the United States and internationally.

Dr. Ron Jenson is known throughout America and much of the world as America’s Life Coach, reflecting his expertise in the area of personal leadership. Dr. Jenson is also Founder of High Ground, a not-for-profit organization focused on being a catalyst for personal leadership development worldwide. He is listed in numerous Who’s Who publications and has authored several books.

Cliff Parrish is a Founder of RemoteLink, Inc, a Chicago-area technology company started in 1996, and a founder of RemoteLink Philippines – a social enterprise in partnership with an international outreach organization. After developing and growing RemoteLink over 20 years, Cliff began a transition to full-time investment in prisoners, beginning with local state prisons in Illinois.

Cliff and his wife Sue recently started a non profit called, Freedom from Within to support their prison investment activities. Cliff and Sue provide training on the Transformational Rhythms Program to more than 175 inmates on a weekly basis across multiple state prisons. Hundreds of prisoners have taken courses in prison over the last three years and the life transformation has been amazing. Cliff and Sue are also certified trainers in financial planning and marriage relationship development.

Bob Clinkert is a partner of RemoteLink with more than 30 years of engineering development and project management experience and more than two decades of department and executive management.

Bob has a passion for writing content and has authored books covering the Foundations for Life, Thriving Teams and Organizational Integrity courses of the Transformational Rhythms program. Bob has been investing in returning citizens as they return to life outside prison. Bob is currently investing in developing a Social Enterprise Network and Institute aimed at catalyzing a Sustainable Movement of transformation in the Chicagoland area.